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Car Crashes Within Your Employee Base Can be Devastating and Costly!
Published: Friday, September 13, 2013

By: SafeTeen


Car Crashes Within Your Employee Base Can be

Devastating and Costly! 

Your Company Can Have a Positive Impact!


In 2012, fatalities on America's roads increased for the first time in several years, to 34,080. This represents an increase of 5.3% over 2011. The rate per 100 million vehicle miles also increased, from 1.10 to 1.16.

We all need to be engaged - that includes companies like yours!


Corporations are being dragged into the equation more and more!

International Paper settled for $5.2 million after an employee who was using a cell phone caused  crash that left a woman with one arm. In fact, companies are moving to ban cell phone use by employees. Already on this list: UPS, DuPont, Chevron CSX, Shell and Time Warner.


  • Whether your employee's crash occurs driving to work, in a company car, in a rental car or in a fleet vehicle, lawyers are going to look to the "big pockets" of your company.
  • Even if you are not sued, when your employee, or their child, is involved in a crash...the consequences have a significant negative impact on your bottom line:
    • Employee's time away from work increases
    • Productivity declines, temporary staff costs increase
    • Even when at their job, their mind may not be
    • Health insurance premiums may rise
    • And, the human toll on your employee's family can be devastating:
      • Injuries, doctor visits, hospital visits
      • Personal lawsuits & Bankruptcies
      • Car insurance premium increases
      • Attorneys fees


Take a Proactive Approach with Your Employees!


  • Review and consider stricter rules on cell phone and other electronics usage while driving.


  • Take a look at our Crash Free America corporate communications program - a simple way to educate your employee families! CFA is designed to provide monthly information and tips to your employee base - for themselves and for their families.


  • Provide driver training opportunities even if your employees are not driving on business. Contact our friends at Logical Training Solutions.



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