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Teen GPS Tracker - The Cell Phone Option
Published: Monday, June 6, 2011

By: SafeTeen

Speedbump GPS Preserves Your Teen's Privacy, Yet Lets You Watch Over Their Driving

This service lets you watch over your teen's driving, but without "spying" or running rough-shod over his or her desire for privacy. It has a low monthly fee with NO contracts or long term obligations.

How It Works
Speedbump GPS is an app for Android phones. If your teen has an Android phone, or if you choose to get one for your child, that's all you need. The app installs and runs in the background whenever the phone is turned ON. You can sit down with your teen and agree upon safe speeds for local, secondary and highway roads in your area--and then enter them. Speedbump GPS notifies you only when your teen drives significantly faster than your agreed-upon speeds.  You and your teen can even agree upon what "significantly faster" means: It might mean driving 70 in a 60 MPH zone, or driving 40 in a 35MPH zone.  It's all up to you.

Even better, your teen can forget about mom and dad looking over their shoulder on every driving maneuver. While Speedbump GPS can be set to log driving details once a minute, its default setting lets you decide when and if you want to receive alerts for overly aggressive driving. Alerts can be sent directly to your cell phone via text message or email--so you can receive alerts from your teen driver any place you have cell phone service. Of course Speedbump GPS also gives you a robust monitoring website that lets you and your teen review and discuss those events that you've agreed to monitor.

If you have more than one teen driver in the family, you can add up to six Android phones to the account for no additional cost.

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If the phone option is not quite right for you, take a look at other teen GPS tracker options here.



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