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Teaching Your Teen to Drive Safely
Published: Saturday, September 18, 2010

By: Staff

OK. You've probably been driving for 25+ years. You can do a great job tutoring your child as she learns to get the feel of the to navigate through traffic, etc. But many parents aren't up to date on the Graduated Driver Licensing laws that affect both teens and parents. Further, the risk factors that lead to crashes are manageable -- if you know what they are, and how to avoid them. These articles will help you get a head start in teaching your teenager how to drive.

Further, there are six major challenges new drivers must face. Not only do they need to understand what they are...they need to practice each one.

Perhaps the only advanced collision avoidance program that addresses each of these is the teenSMART training program. It's a complete package of DVD, CD's and workbooks that parents and teens study together -- including spending substantial hours behind the wheel to put theory into practice.

It can save up to $1000 in insurance premiums with select insurance carriers over the teen's driving history - check with your agent. But more important, it can reduce the likelihood of a crash by 30 to 70 percent! You can find more about teenSMART® here.

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