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Brain Development - What It Means for Parents
Published: Monday, April 18, 2011

By: SafeTeen

TIME Magazine has graciously given permission to link to their site, bringing you expert advice and research results from the nation's top authorities.  Take a few minutes to read these excellent resource articles.

Safe driving requires mature decision making, and the human brain is the command center for all decision making. Read about ground-breaking research on how the brain of a teen develops and functions - how teens process information, make decisions and control impulsive behavior. These articles give you expert insight into some of the most in-depth and latest research. Must reads!

What Makes Teens Tick? - Pioneering work by Dr. Jay Giedd, National Institute of Mental Health, on brain development. First reported in the 5/10/2004 edition.

The Teen Brain: The More Mature, the More Reckless - John Cloud updates the topic with the most recent research that sheds surprising new light on teenage brain development.

Parenting teens can be a challenge. Perhaps you remember how you behaved with your parents some years ago  Here's current wisdom that every parent can appreciate.

Who's in Charge Here? - Nancy Gibbs asks the question, and shows how some parents are taking back the control they've given up.

7 Rules for Parents - Dr. Lawrence Steinberg, professor of psychology at Temple University shares make-sense rules for parents.

Putting Limits on Teen Drivers - Wendy Cole Henderson reviews the current state of Graduated Driver Licensing laws, but finds some parents have difficulty setting guidelines for their young drivers. From the 10/15/2006 edition.

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