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How Parental Involvement Affects Risky Driving
Published: Monday, August 17, 2009

By: Staff

A study published in the American Journal of Health Behavior sought to determine how parental involvement with their teens affected risky driving behavior. The research team interviewed parents and their teen drivers. They found that parents generally were not aware of "the extent to which their teens had engaged in high-risk" behavior.

Teens who were given unsupervised access to a vehicle several times a week were three times as likely to have driven too fast, compared to those who had less frequent access.

The study found that even parents who taught driving skills did not necessarily see a reduction in risky driving from their teens. Conclusion? In addition to giving driving instruction, parents need to "impose and enforce driving restrictions" on their young drivers.

The Safe Teen Driving Pledge is one way to do just that! A more comprehensive approach is the S.T.E.P. Program that connects parents and teens to keep them safe.

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