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Since 2005 the Club has worked with companies, parents, schools, non-profit organizations and public policy makers to help parents ensure a safe teen driving experience for their young drivers.

We provide parents of teen drivers with information, training tools, services and technology solutions to help them educate, mentor, manage and monitor their teen drivers. Our blog topics include Driving Safety, Teen Car Insurance, Teen GPS Tracking Devices, Parenting Teen Drivers, Legal Issues and more.

Over the years, we have also realized that these issues touch on broader safety issues that impact adults and children of all ages as they travel on our roads. We invite you to join us in making our communities safer.

The vast majority of what we talk about for teen drivers – additional training, GPS tracking devices, ongoing conversation –  apply to us all. Please contact us to explore how your company, school, non-profit or city can engage and partner with us.

Recent Blog Posts

Training Teen Drivers with S.T.E.P. – Safe Teens, Educated Parents

February 4, 2016

Mom, Dad, Your Teen’s Safety is Up to You! Training teen drivers can save their lives and help to create a safer community.  The S.T.E.P Program — Safe Teens, Educated Parents — educates parents on the risks teens face when they begin driving. And explains what to do about them! If you’ll follow through the Continue reading

Safe Teen Driving Club Celebrating 10 Years!

December 9, 2015

The Safe Teen Driving Club is excited to be celebrating our 10th anniversary! As part of that celebration we’ve overhauled our website to make it much more user- friendly. If you have not visited the site lately, please take a look around and explore! We’d also like to offer you a few free gifts to Continue reading